43 Tope

Sex work is legal in Victoria but it is subject to a strict licensing scheme governed by the Sex Work Act 1994 and the Sex Work Regulations 2016. We kindly ask that you read and abide by the below when visiting our establishment:

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER! Brothels are by law only legal for adults over the age of 18.

We will NOT tolerate any disrespectful, discriminatory, abusive, aggressive or racist behaviour towards ANY of our staff. If you display any behaviour of such, we will ask you to leave. If you display any of the above behaviour in the room towards our service providers, we will end your session immediately, and you will not be refunded any money paid.

- Cleanliness is a high priority therefore, You MUST shower BEFORE your service. We provide soap and other hygiene products in the rooms for you to use 

- When you book, you are booking for a Standard Full Service. Any 'extras', such as kissing, anal, touching breasts, are to be discussed with the service provider ONLY, Charges for extras can vary and are determined by the service provider at their discretion. Please be aware that our service provides do have right of refusal for any extras you may request. 

- Given that we are a legal brothel in Melbourne, we will supply condoms and lube free of charge. By Law, Condoms must be used for all sexual services. Removing the condom is AGAINST THE LAW. Our service providers have a right of refusing service to you if you do not abide by this so, If you are caught removing your condom, your service will terminated immediately, and any money paid will not be refunded. In summary, NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!

- Please do not be demeaning and attempt to haggle service prices with our managers or service providers. Our managers are NOT authorised to discount the room charge, and we can ensure service providers work incredibly hard to provide a pleasurable and memorable experience at our establishment. 

- Last but certainly not least, we ask that you respect our privacy as much as we do yours, therefore, Pictures and Videos are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. When you enter into the rooms, there is a designated spot for all your personal belongings, we ask that you keep your phones/cameras stored away and off for the duration of your visit. Failure to abide by this rule will result in criminal charges and permanent ban from the premises.